rokrbox TV | Aaron Ammon Has Big Plans for 2022: “rokrbox has the Scalability to Make Us a Billion-Dollar Team”

by | Dec 17, 2021

Hello, and happy holidays from the rokrbox family!

We hope you’re enjoying the last days of 2021 with friends & loved ones as we get ready to ring in the New Year! 🎊 Until then, we’re closing out the year with another empowering success story for you…Meet Aaron Ammon of Movement Property Group, who joins us from Nashville, TN to share his real estate journey with Josh and our rokrbox TV viewers.

Josh starts off by acknowledging Aaron’s “amazing story” in real estate, mentioning to listeners that Movement Property Group is on track to do a staggering $74 million in production by the end of 2021—more than doubling the $34 million they achieved the year before.

Aaron explains that his real estate journey began in 2015 after he flipped a home in Birmingham, AL. “I somehow managed to squeak out a small profit,” he tells Josh. “I thought, you know, real estate is pretty cool. I began to see it as a vehicle to create a career.”

He adds that he didn’t start working full-time in real estate until last year, when he partnered with two other people to found Movement Property Group in Nashville.

“Real estate is such a vast industry,” he says. “The reality of getting into [it] is, what you think you’re going to be doing on Day 1 is night and day, [compared to] what you’ll be doing two, three, four years in. Our testimony of what we’ve done so far, and what we expect to do with rokrbox, is a perfect example of that.”

[2:40] When it comes to investing in online lead generation, Aaron tells Josh that his team didn’t pursue that path until last year. “We were primarily a sphere-based team, early on,” he says, adding that a lot of teams start off that way, relying on their local network to get off the ground.

[3:00] After they did that, Aaron continues, his team started to “play around” with different options for internet leads. “We were a victim to the rookie mentality,” he admits, referring to the desire to get leads at the lowest price possible.

“Honestly, we just fell on our face,” Aaron confesses with a smile. “We were spending the least in terms of dollars, but we were just draining our time, because…our entire inbox was just full of these crap leads.”

This led Aaron’s team to explore their options for CRMs. After months of research and consideration, they ended up partnering with BoomTown, one of multiple CRMs that rokrbox specializes in.

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[4:00] After signing up with BoomTown, Aaron says his team initially took advantage of the platform’s “Concierge” tool—BoomTown’s version of an ISA service. “In terms of the volume we were producing,” Aaron says, “they were executing on what they promised.”

Eventually, however, Aaron’s team came to the realization that the Concierge feature no longer aligned with their long-term trajectory. This motivated Aaron to reach out to fellow BoomTown users, one of whom referred him to rokrbox.

“So I jumped on the rokrbox website,” Aaron tells Josh, “and watched some your videos, and I thought, ‘this is perfect.’ So that’s how we ended up with rokrbox.”

[5:00] Josh acknowledges the importance of investing in services that align with your long-term business goals, mentioning that one of the key things that separates rokrbox from similar services is simply the staggering quantity of calls that are made.

In fact, after working 2.5 million leads and tracking the source of hot opportunities converted, rokrbox’s statistics reflect that 74% of those converted leads come from phone calls, 25% come from text messages, and only 1% come from emails.

“Everyone wants to claim that they’re solving this problem by sending text messages or emails, or maybe making one call here or there,” Josh says, “but the most effective way for us to convert online leads—and we’ve been doing it since 2013—is a good, old-fashioned phone call.”

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He goes on to outline some core components of the tried-and-true rokrbox strategy, starting with the ability to hire top talent from Texas A&M University. In addition to training these young professionals invaluable skills that will set them up for long-term success after graduation, Josh’s team of young professionals is coached to master and deliver “the best phone call in the world.”

[6:00] “We take a lot of pride in making great quality phone calls,” Josh adds, explaining that not only are leads called right away (within 5 minutes of registration), but they will also receive another 7 calls in the following days until one of his rokrbox ISAs connects with them.

If a connection is made with a long-term lead who isn’t ready to purchase within 90 days, that lead will be kept in the rokrbox Client Care account to be nurtured, meaning the rokrbox team will follow up with that person indefinitely until that person is ready to move forward.

[6:40] “We’ll follow up with them until the end of time,” Josh says. “So it’s those core strategies that will help set you up for success, and create that long-term plan.”

[7:00] Aaron goes on to explain why the Concierge feature didn’t work for his team: there was no in-between point between their website and the agents. Although the Concierge service handled incoming leads, the issue was the fact that every lead was still assigned to one of his agents, creating an enormous workload for his team that often led to burnout.

As an example, Aaron explains that if his team is receiving 1,000 new registrations each month, and there are 10 agents on his team, that means each agent is responsible for working 100 leads each month—a tremendous amount of painstaking, time-consuming work that often leads to “lead fatigue.”

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[7:45] “Over time, it just created what we refer to as a low quality score,” Aaron says. “So, inevitably, our team members started disrespecting these leads. When their phone buzzes and they get a lead, they’re like, ‘It’s probably crap.’ Honestly, over time, I can’t blame them for thinking that way, and rokrbox specifically helped solve that problem.”

After deciding to partner with Josh and his team,Aaron told his agents, “Look, you’ve been getting 100 leads. We’re now going to have [rokrbox] step in and qualify these. So, instead of 100, you’re getting 10. But, you know when you get those 10, they’re real people. They’ve [already] been spoken to. They’re ready in the next 30-90 days to buy real estate.”

This ultimately led to a culture shift within Aaron’s team, and completely changed how his agents approached these leads in the first place. Naturally, this change allowed Movement Property Group to achieve even greater levels of success.  

[10:50] As far as what the future holds for Movement Property Group, Aaron states that his bold goal is to become a billion-dollar team in the next 3-5 years.

“I know they exist,” he says with a smile. “If you’re going to be a billion dollar team, you have to understand how to create a system that scales…For us, the bigger purpose is not only serving our clients, but also creating an opportunity for our team members to make a really good living for their family.”

Agreeing wholeheartedly, Josh commends Aaron for achieving 3 key strategies for building predictable revenue for any business: first, having systems and processes in place; second, having an incredible source of talent; lastly, incorporating the right culture within your company.

[13:40] “So it’s great to hear we’re very aligned on our values, and our vision for success,” Josh says, and proceeds to ask Aaron what he would say to those considering an ISA service like rokrbox.

Aaron answers that he contemplates 2 things when considering any investment: first, the potential ROI—in other words, what himself and his team stand to gain from that partnership—and second, how they can mitigate the risk associated with that investment.

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“To me, one of the things I really like about rokrbox is [meeting with] Kelsey Chenault,” Aaron continues, referring to his team’s personally appointed Client Care Manager. Not only is Kelsey available around-the-clock to assist Aaron’s team with any questions, concerns, and troubleshooting, but she also acts as Movement Property Group’s rAMP-UP Coach.

The rAMP-UP Coaching Program—an acronym for “rokrbox Agent Mastery Program for Unlimited Potential”—is an additional service provided to teams that take rokrbox’s service a step further. The program is designed to teach and empower agents to do what rokrbox ISAs do best: maximize lead conversion, and thus close more sales.

During the virtual rAMP-UP meetings, Kelsey—a seasoned“rokstar” who has been with Josh’s team for over 6 years—sits down with Aaron and his team to highlight specific examples of their progress, in addition to opportunities for improvement.

Kelsey and the other Client Care Managers also take the time to share rokrbox’s tried-and-true strategies, resources, and best practices—valuable tools that agents can utilize in their home office, too.  

[14:30] “I meet with Kelsey to review the activity in the account, to look at how we can improve,” Aaron says. “I mean, that’s what I’m doing for my business—I’m constantly looking for [ways to improve].”

The advantage of partnering with rokrbox, Aaron adds, is that both parties want the same thing, and thus pursue the same goal. When either party succeeds, both parties benefit from that shared success, which is the overarching purpose of any partnership.

Of course, as simple as the concept of ‘shared success’ may seem, it’s often overlooked or forgotten in today’s world. On the contrary, rokrbox strives to prioritize client relationships by tailoring services to each team’s unique needs, and maintaining open and timely channels of communication.

By sharing foundational “tips and tricks” for success, rokrbox enables agents to do exactly what our callers are trained to do, 7 days a week, 80 hours a week: identify and convert those “nuggets of gold,” or warm opportunities, from an often overwhelming number of internet leads.

[15:10] “I think that rokrbox has the scalability with us to make us a billion-dollar team,” Aaron states. “The [rAMP-UP] meetings that take place throughout the month to audit our processes mitigate our risk to a high degree…if things weren’t working, we’d know quickly. Once I discovered rokrbox, it was a no-brainer to move forward, and we’re so happy did.”

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