We are adding people back into the business of lead conversion!

The Movement

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Top 5 Mistakes that Agents
Make with their Leads

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We Are the Premier ISA Solution

At rokrbox, we use our dedicated team of inside sales assistants (ISAs) to separate cold from hot leads, enabling agents to convert more motivated buyers and sellers. If you would like to be able to do what rokrbox does right in your own agency, then you can become a Baller Phone Caller with the Ramp Up Coaching Program.

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  • We know that the human element is irreplaceable. Although we use technology, we aren’t overly reliant on it.
  • We know that the majority of conversions (74%) come from real, live phone calls—not automated messages.
  • We know there are exponentially more leads than transactions, and that the agents who pick up the phone are the ones who get the commission check.


  • They think technology can solve all your problems.
  • They think automation is the answer, and then they wonder why commission checks aren’t rolling in.
  • They think they’re buying unique leads and that technology can easily qualify them.

We’re Battling Ineffective Bot-Based Technologies

So many real estate agents rely on automated technologies to follow up on their Internet leads. Then, they sit back and wait for the commission checks. But—surprise, surprise—those commission checks don’t magically appear! Why? Because the human element is absolutely irreplaceable. A full 74% of conversions come from phone calls with a real, live human being. That’s something that automation can never duplicate.

But What About Scalability?

Many of my Baller Phone Callers take the coaching program for the purpose of starting their own ISA teams. They’re excited to add this valuable service to the agency, but they’re often worried about scalability. Well, how’s this for scalability for you: two million. That’s the number of Internet leads my own team of ISAs has handled in just seven years. In that same period of time, I’ve hired and trained over 300 ISAs, and have about 40 to 50 callers on my staff at any given time. Quite frankly, scalability has never been a problem for me, and it won’t be for you, either.

2M +

Internet Leads Processed


Hired and Trained ISAs


Years specialized in CRM tech

rokrbox Manifesto

We are human
We are champions
We are problem solvers
We learn from ours and others’ mistakes
We do what most aren’t willing to do
We create results
We respect and care for everyone equally
We ask ‘why’
We listen to understand
We dream up visions of the future
We take action and make it happen
We teach and empower others
We share an abundant mindset
We Move People Forward


We Are…

  • We are people who learn from our mistakes.
  • We prioritize our customers, our company, and our coworkers.
  • We give respect to all.
  • We know that helping people solve problems can be fun.
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