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How To Identify & Convert Motivated Buyers Into Gold… Without Being Awkward or Pushy

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rokrbox takes its name from the rocker box—a 19th-century prospecting tool that would separate gold from sand and gravel. We use the power of human touch to prospect your Internet leads, giving you the gold and leaving behind the rubble.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on proven models designed to filter out cold leads and identify the truly motivated buyers and sellers. Since 74% of conversions come from phone calls, our team calls leads within a few minutes of their registration—before texting or emailing. We’re putting the human element back into the real estate industry, and we have the results to prove that it works.

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The only source of job security is a satisfied customer.

Our Founder

Josh Cunningham

I’m Josh Cunningham—the founder and CEO of rokrbox. I come from a marketing background, where I focused on the real estate industry. While traveling the country attending industry events, I noticed that the chief complaint among agents and agency owners was that there was never enough time to follow up on Internet leads. That was my lightbulb moment. I founded rokrbox with the mission of efficiently qualifying leads to pass along the warm leads to the agents. To date, my team has managed more than two million Internet leads using my proven model, and our clients couldn’t be happier.

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Clients We’ve Worked With

Our Programs

In the real estate industry, rokrbox has developed a reputation for efficiently identifying the motivated buyers and sellers from the cold leads. Our team of expertly trained ISAs will be happy to handle your lead management for you. We will work within your CRM, and our approach is not dependent on local market knowledge.

Not quite ready for our premium services yet? Check out our FREE webinar, chock-full of applicable conversion secrets. Want to learn how to do what we do? Work through the Ramp Up Coaching Program, which enables you to implement our own proven best practices right in your own office.

Our Programs

Free Webinar

Get free access to exclusive lead conversion secrets!

Ramp Up Coaching

Work through our comprehensive coaching program to learn how to do what we do!

Our Premium Service

Let rokrbox qualify your leads so you can spend your time connecting with motivated buyers and sellers!

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Does This Sound Like You?

Why aren’t my agents
closing more deals?

I’m tired of buying Internet leads with no results.

I can’t waste one more
minute on cold leads.

If So, You’re Not Alone.

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We’ve been working with agency owners around the country who are fed up with wasting money on leads that no one at their agency has time to qualify.

The team at rokrbox is comprised of experts in lead management. Our team can apply our proven strategies to separate the cold leads from the gold, allowing your agents to connect with motivated buyers and sellers, and close more deals.

Want to Join Our Team?

rokrbox is hiring! Join our team of fun-loving inside sales assistants (ISAs) and make the personal and professional connections that will last a lifetime.

At rokrbox, we do things differently. We focus on developing our employees so that they gain the transferrable skills and experience they need to move on to bigger and better things after graduation. In fact, some of our former employees report being hired at three levels above entry level, thanks to their experience at rokrbox.

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Read What Our Employees have to Say About Life at rokrbox

Brooke’s Story
Zack’s Story
McKinley's Story
John’s Story

See What Our
Clients Have to Say

If you get internet leads and need help converting them, rokrbox is an excellent service. They contact leads within 5 minutes of registering and work them until they’re ready for conversion to a paycheck. Client comments are always positive about the phone call they had with the rokrbox people, and they feel comfortable talking to the ISAs. When I get on the phone with a lead after rokrbox has talked to them, they are friendly towards me & the conversation is easy to move forward, unlike a standard internet call. rokrbox is committed to helping grow the businesses of their clients; they are AWESOME!

— Jim Garcia, Castle Rock, CO

I’m very impressed and happy with the work rokrbox is doing… This is exactly what our team needed!

— Cesar Duran, Twin Falls, ID

With 3 licensed agents this year, we’ve surpassed the numbers we hit last year as a team of 7. This wouldn’t have been possible without rokrbox and everyone on our team, and we look forward to our continued success with them! Their monthly coaching and accountability calls have been a vital part of keeping us on track and to continue to grow our business.

— Mike Price, Plainfield, IN

We run a high-producing yet lean Buyers Agent team and rokrbox provides a consistent follow-up service for our online leads. By far, the greatest value from partnering with rokrbox is in time saved. I have the ability to focus on the most dollar-productive activities and the portion of my client base that is likely to make a move in the next 90 days.

— Adam Boxman, Doylestown, PA

I should have been using rokrbox since we first joined Boomtown. Their quality of leads and conversion rates have exceeded our expectations and that has given us more time to talk to the well refined clients they send over.

— Sean Schamerhorn, Federal Way, WA

rokrbox goes above and beyond to communicate and educate their clients about what it takes to have a profitable conversion rate from leads that they generate for each client. If you are looking to convert more business and need phone call support in your business and just don’t have the time to figure out the systems and training to get it going, then rokrbox is your solution. They are a company with integrity and are always trying to find ways to add more value to their clients. The return on your investment is through the roof, it’s a no-brainer if you have the need.

— Scott Sillari, Vyral Marketing,

rokrbox has helped mine leads that we turned into closings. They have been much more consistent in phone calling new registration leads within the first 5 minutes than our small team could ever do on our own.

— Andrew Ford, Orem, UT

Great group that really cares for your clients as their own. Special thanks to Tommy, Kelsey, Dillon, Brooke, Ashley and the rest of the team at RBox!

— Sean Reed, Salem, OR

The return on our time and money has gone up at least 5 times since implementing rokrbox in our business. No more searching for the needle in the haystack…rokrbox does that for us!

— Lars Hedenborg, Real Estate B School,

rokrbox is awesome! the speed to lead is on point! In the past 9 months, 35 transactions closed with rokrbox’s assistance and 12 Million in sales! Highly recommend 🙂

— Claire Ackerman, Phoenix, AZ

rokrbox is a long standing expert in the field of lead generation and conversion. They really know what they are doing and work hard to produce great leads for real estate agents and teams. I would recommend them to anyone serious about closing more business!

— Dale Archdekin, Smart Inside Sales,

Working with rokrbox has allowed us to feel confident that each and every lead has been called and that we are converting at the highest level! I couldn’t be happier – Best business decision we have made as a company!

— Jeff Cohn, Elite Real Estate Systems,

rokrbox has increased our lead conversion in a very short time. I’m confident knowing every time a lead comes in it will be followed up with immediately and consistently! Speed to lead is crucial in our business and they make sure to respond in 5 minutes or less. If anyone is looking for an Inside Sales Agent for their Real Estate Business I highly recommend these guys!

— Trey Willard, Baton Rouge, LA

Speed to lead has increased incredibly! The leads rokrbox are digging up and sending our way has been awesome! As a team lead, I’ve got peace of mind knowing the leads are handled. No more staffing and training an ISA, rokrbox handles all that for me! My agents are setting appointments with the leads nurtured. Overall, we’re very happy with our partnership with the rokrbox crew!

— Julie Youngblood, Las Vegas, NV

When you need ISA services but don’t want the all the problems when hiring in-house they are the go to company! I don’t have to worry about training, payroll, people calling in sick, not showing up, whatever it is. It’s all done for you 7 days a week.

— Will Carillo, Cupertino, CA

If you are in real estate and generating online leads, Rokrbox is hands down the best decision you could make for your business. I’ve been a Rokrbox client for years & have to credit our success with internet leads to their team! #BestDecisionEver

— Spring Bengtzen, Ogden, UT

If you’re in real estate and you’re investing money on top-notch CRM websites, pay-per-click, Facebook ads and more to drive home buyer and seller leads to register on your website, you need Rokrbox. Rokrbox responds to your leads more quickly – and cheaply – than if you hired someone full time in your office (when you have training, payroll tax, overhead, management, office space requirements, and more). I highly recommend Josh and his company Rokrbox if you need someone you can trust to handle your lead follow up by responding to your leads quickly  and passing the ones who are worth your time to you.

— Frank Klesitz, Vyral Marketing,

Rokrbox is $$$$ money! My on boarding experience was world class and we had a transaction under contract in less then 30 days. We could not have been working with a better account manager, Kelsey. She is is world class! Her in-depth knowledge of lead conversion and real estate coaching makes her indispensable member of our team!

— Derek Wagner,

I have worked with Rokrbox and their client care folks and have been pleasantly surprised! Very capable and reliable and consistent 7 days a week.

— Ty Lacroix,

We are incredibly pleased with Brady and his Rokrbox Team! It is such an amazing feeling to be confident that each and every lead has been called in a timely manner and that we are now converting at the highest level! We did our research and chose Rokrbox over many ISA companies and we are so very happy we did!

— MB Team – Meka Reade & Brittany Smith,

Excellent company, provides great service. I would recommend Rokrbox

— Allan Congo,

Absolutely have loved working with Rokrbox over the years. Amazing benefit to have their coverage 7 days a week. They are fast and prompt with calls/notes. They have been fantastic! Great customer service as well. Highly recommended.

— James Rhoads,

Let me just start by saying “THANK YOU ROKRBOX” this team was so professional and responsive to all our lead generation needs. Nothing is harder than knowing that you have leads that are falling through the cracks and not being contacted consistently and Rokrbox fixes this problem.
Rokrbox seamlessly integrated into our lead generation system (we use CINC Pro) and took over our lead calling and setting up drip campaigns for us ensuring each lead coming through is touched on a consistent basis. The ability to live transfer from client to agent was a huge benefit for our agents as well.
Our account manager Brady was incredibly responsive and had amazing communication. He walked us through everything we needed to know to ensure we were comfortable and ready to let them take over!
Thank you!

— Lauren Erickson,

Kelsey Gober with RRB is a 10 out of 10. For one she is super talented, on top of that she really cares. When you combine those 2 things you can get a whole lot done; the stress is down and the ROI is up. We feel lucky to have her on our side, and she feels like part of the team.

— Denny Lee,

Kelsey and her team rocks! Iv’e been with the service for less than a month and already have a buyer under contract. I would be able to manage my lead flow without them. Thank you Rokrbox!

— John Lyons,

If you’re looking for a team of experts to assist you with quality leads and appointments, you’ve found the perfect people. Riley, our account manager, is by far the most informative, helpful, reliable person I’ve ever worked with. His attention to detail and his hard work in digging though our massive database did not go unnoticed. I promise you that when you pick rokrbox, you’re forming a fantastic relationship with some of the best people! Thank you, Riley, for making sure we were always in good hands.

— Katy Hetherton,

I can’t comment on value because my broker pays, however I find that I get well above average training, strong and friendly professional service and if I have any questions or problems I am not left hanging. Very happy with Rokrbox! ????????

— Catjumped1,

Kelsey has been absolutely wonderful to work with. very professional and a joy to have as a teammate.

— Stephanie Wright,

Rokrbox has done a great job serving up quality appointments for our team! Kelsey, our account manager, is very responsive and helpful. We would highly recommend.

— Chad Beuoy,

Everybody we have ever dealt with has been amazing. Quick to respond. Always willing to help and keenly aware of the needs of the end user. I would recommend rokrbox hands down. Kelsey Gober the Admin Manager is always pleasant and helpful.

— Dianne Montañez,

Excellent service! No one knows boomtown better than the team at rokrbox. They helped our team close $150,000,000 in sales in 2019. We could not have done it without them. Easy on boarding. Amazing follow up. Highly recommend!

— Andrew Undem,

I talked to Rokebox 1 year before I sign on with them. I would be in a much better place had I not waited. Rokrbox did an amazing job, but really Riley get all the credit from me. He is the nicest person and so very patient and really know his craft. He made an amazing different in my stats! Don’t waste time like I did hire them now! You will not regret it. P.S. ask for Riley!

— Cecilia Bird,

rokrbox is legit! They have taken our ISA woes and turned them into playgrounds of puppy dogs and ice cream! We couldn’t be happier with their attentiveness, service, attention to detail, regular check-ins and reporting. If you’re looking for a full package lead conversion and client care team, save yourself the time from looking any further… You’ve got a winner in rokrbox!

— Clifton Cheek,

Rokrbox is a solid choice if you are looking for an off site ISA located in the USA. They call leads more than other ISA services and have great costumer service. Riley was my account rep and he did a great job of making sure my needs were met and did a great job remaining attentive to my team needs.

— Luke Merchant,

Kelsey has been great. Through the ever changing challenges we are facing in PA, the support we are receiving has been most helpful. It is always a pleaure speaking with Kelsey knowing she has our best interest in mind.

— Team Manager,

In the short time that I’ve been with rokrbox, I already have showings scheduled and a steady flow of hot opportunities coming from Brady and his Client Care Team! I have struggled with other ISA solutions in the past, but rokrbox has made my life much easier. The fact that they use live phone transfers to connect me to serious, motivated buyers while also taking care of my lead nurturing takes so much off my plate. Brady, Sean, and the rest of the rokrbox crew have been very professional and accessible from the start, giving me their personal cell phone numbers and providing me with constant feedback on our account. I’m excited for all of the success rokrbox will bring me!

— Adventure Girl,

Rokrbox has been exemplary in serving up quality appointments. Riley, our account manager, is incredibly responsive and accessible and has delivered continued value by hosting web trainings for our team and best practices for follow-up. I would highly recommend.

— Lauren Moseley,

Kelsey Rocks! Coastline Realty loves her!

— John Rowley,

We love Rokrbox! Awesome service. They do a great job at qualifying our leads and setting appointments – Our representative, Riley Pfiester, is the man! Always incredibly responsive and helpful. Fully recommend this service and the support that comes with it.

— Coult S,

Kelsey is wonderful to work with! 🙂

— Carrie Lee,

Great ISA service. Speed to lead is so important and Kelsey and her team are on it!

— Jennifer Alday,

We searched for a while to find a company to help us handle all of our leads from our CINC platform, and finally found Rokrbox. From the initial contact with Stephen, to the onboarding and ongoing help and support from Brady and his client care team, Rokrbox has truly been amazing! Brady, our client care manager is always there to answer any questions we have. He and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. They are quick to contact incoming leads within minutes of registration, and work hard to make sure they are asking all of the right questions to thoroughly qualify the leads before passing them off. If they are not ready to buy, they will continue to nurture them until they are ready. They even transfer live calls if someone is looking to speak to an agent right away. This saves us and the agents on our team a lot of time and enables us to focus on other activities to continue to be successful. We are so thankful that we found Rokrbox and look forward to a successful partnership for years to come!

— The West Team,

They do great work. We enjoy working with them.

— Matt Hughes,

Wonderful staff to work with at Rokrbox. Always professional and easy to approach with your ideas. They get the job done!!

— Jon Bastian,

Rokrbox has been a game changer for my business. I started with them in August 2019 and by the end of the year closed 4 leads from them. I have highly recommended them to other agents in my office. I relax and focus my business on the ready now leads knowing that Rokrbox is handling my other leads. We always receive compliments on how nice & great our assistant is as well! Thank you Rokrbox for taking my business to the next level!!

— Kathy Brown,

Fabulous company!!!! We were ready to throw in the towel on lead generation. Rokrbox came in and saved the day. They understood our platform, have very good systems in place to handle the scrubbing of leads. If you are in need of help with your lead conversion they are the go to guys.

— Sharon Butler,

From training through implementation, the team at rokrbox was immensely helpful and all around wonderful to work with!

— Katie Hudson Bird,

Great team at Rokrbox! Making the decision to commission Rokrbox to manage all our inbound leads was a total game changer! We handle Zillow, Realtor, Google, Facebook, and List cast leads, and Rokrbox made it very easy! I feel like we have 20 ISA’s working just for us, but at a fraction of the cost! We recommend Rokrbox and Brady and his team are absolutely amazing at their Job!

— Owen Johnson,

Since we started working with rokrbox a couple of months ago, we rest easy knowing our online leads are well taken care of. From the speedy response, to the monthly follow ups, Rokrbox fit seamlessly with our team. My agents are swamped with opportunities going through escrow, and are ready for more! This partnership has allowed us to focus on high income producing activities, and building better relationship with our clients, and we’re excited for great things to come!

— Christopher Bole,

I’ve worked with Rokrbox for 1 1/2 years now and this is by far an amazing asset to my team. They really do what they say they will do and this has translated to 12 or more closings in the past year!I’ve worked with Rokrbox for 1 1/2 years now and this is by far an amazing asset to my team. They really do what they say they will do and this has translated to 12 or more closings in the past year!

— Derek De Ville,

RokrBox takes all of our Internet leads and nurtures them. They do a fantastic job of contacting everyone in minutes, nurturing the ones that aren’t ready to buy or sell now, and getting all leads setup on searches & drip campaigns. We’re very pleased with the results and can’t imagine taking this very time consuming job back. You cannot hire a quality ISA for 3 times what they cost us, and I do not believe any ISA could get close to doing what RokrBox does for us.

— Rich Shelley,

Trenton, and the team at rokrbox have been absolutely phenomenal. Onboarding was a breeze, and I could tell from the get-go, this is a group I’d be very comfortable working with. The promise of consistent contact, and speed-to-lead was delivered on 100%. I can’t see anyone else out there having the ISA game locked down like these guys. Thanks rokrbox, and GO TEXAS!

— Ken Dumas,

Rockrbox is awesome. Have referred them to other agents and would definitely recommend their services to any real estate agent who is producing a lot of leads each month and can’t keep up with call flow. They made a positive impact in my total calls connected right away.

— Crystal Maribito Perham,

I have only been with Rokrbox for a short while and I have already seen some tremendous results. I look forward to continued success with this partnership!

— Mark Bensadon,

When you need ISA services but don’t want the all the problems when hiring in-house they are the go to company! I don’t have to worry about training, payroll, people calling in sick, not showing up, whatever it is. It’s all done for you 7 days a week.

— Will Carrillo,

We were the very lucky recipients of a Rokrbox call night! It was a tremendous success. Rokrbox called on our “pond” leads and in 4 short hours our agents were able to set 2 appointments and had 6 solid nurtures. Rokrbox has done an outstanding job for us!!

— Joanna Gubernick,

My experience at rokrbox has been nothing short of excellent to say the least. Entering the real estate industry with this company has been one of the best learning experiences of my starting career path. Stating this is an incredible company is honestly an understatement. Our innovative leaders are passionate about their careers and the organization itself. The team oriented environment here has allowed me to collaborate with some amazing people. Every employee is encouraged to share ideas and will always push you to be the best version of yourself daily. The cool thing about this organization is in our family-like culture in which we are told AND shown appreciation in the effort that goes into everything we do. If you are looking for real world experience and an opportunity to grow your professional skill-set rokrbox is definitely for you!

— Trevor Butler Jr.,

Rokrbox is a great company with a great service. I would highly recommend anyone to Connor and his team. Great experience!

— Dan Nardi,

Truly professional group of young people! so happy to be working with them and having them represent my company.

— Damon Hitt,

Words can not describe the impact that rokrbox has had on my life. From helping me discover my love for real estate, to realizing my biggest strengths, I will be forever grateful for the experiences this company has provided me. The environment and personal growth this company provides to me, and every one of my coworkers, is second to none.

— Nick Kaderli,

I’ve had the privilege of working with RokrBox for the past 6 months. They’re very professional and have their systems and scripts down!!

— Brian Parsons,

I have been an employee at rokrbox for over two years, and have had an excellent experience here. A highly collaborative, team-driven atmosphere makes coming to work a fun and engaging experience, and have been able to develop a highly desirable skill set along the way. Fun, challenging, and rewarding, I would highly recommend working at rokrbox!

— John Ray,

Awesome follow-up with new leads and great to work with from both the individual agent and team perspective. Integrated seamlessly with our team.

— Tom McMahon,

Rokrbox is a long standing expert in the field of lead generation and conversion. They really know what they are doing and work hard to produce great leads for real estate agents and teams. I would recommend them to anyone serious about closing more business!

— Dale Archdekin,

Hi Catherine!

Thanks to Rokrbox we closed our 7th lead from you guys this year! Special Thanks to your team member Grant for sending us the lead.
From your partners @Pfeiffer Stone Realty Group

— Catherine Pfeiffer,

Rokrbox is an amazing company! I have had the best experience with their team. There speed to lead is unstoppable and the conversion rate to connect leads to a top agent is top notch. My team, lenders and above all myself couldn’t do what we do on the day the day grind without Rokrbox and their passion to grow our business. I highly recommend the whole team at Rokrbox! Thanks for all you do for my agents and I.

— Claire Ackerman,

RokRBox has increased our lead conversion in a very short time. I’m confident knowing every time a lead comes in it will be followed up with immediately and consistently! Speed to lead is crucial in our business and they make sure to respond in 5 minutes or less. If anyone is looking for an inside Sales Agent for their Real Estate Business I highly recommend these guys!

— The W Group,

Rokrbox has saved me a considerable amount of time. They are very professional to my potential clients, and to me. They are great at listening to my needs, validating them, educating me, and if changes need to be made on their end they happily accommodate.

— Kristen Bagley,

We have been with Rokrbox for less than a month. On the first day they sent us 3 leads and we got listing appointment set already!

— Patrick Watkins,

Rokrbox has helped numerous realtors across the country improve their businesses and lives by letting them focus their time on the highest income-producing activities, knowing that their online leads are being followed up on Instantly, Persistently, and Consistently day in and day out. In doing so, the perfect environment has been created to develop driven college students for their future careers while maintaining a fun, family-oriented culture.

— Zack Stevens,

Amazing company and leadership. Great place for college students to work!

— Matt Kinsel,

If you are in real estate and generating online leads, Rokrbox is hands down the best decision you could make for your business. I’ve been a Rokrbox client for years & have to credit our success with internet leads to their team! #BestDecisionEver

— Spring Bengtzen,

I highly recommend Rokrbox to any agent or broker who would like to maximize their conversion rates for their online leads. Rokrbox has a great system in place and they have ongoing training with you and your team to help you follow the system to convert at the highest rate possible. I would also recommend this system to any lenders as well. Seriously! Our preferred lender is also seeing a difference in his conversion rates of our leads as a direct result or Rokrbox. A big shout out to Zach Stevens, Hayden Monical and all of the Rokrbox team for their ongoing superior service and support!

— Mike Skillin,

rokrbox has taken the ISA role, which stereotypically has an extremely high turnover, and flipped it on its head. They’ve created a permanent solution to an ISA with a family-like culture that makes coming into work something to look forward to.

— Jared Knowles,
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