Stop wasting your time on cold leads!

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Top 5 Mistakes that Agents
Make with their Leads

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In the real estate industry, rokrbox has developed a reputation for efficiently identifying the motivated buyers and sellers from the cold leads. Our team of expertly trained ISAs will be happy to handle your lead management for you. We will work within your CRM, and our approach is not dependent on local market knowledge.


Done For You Services

Our premium lead management services separate the cold, junk leads from the gold. We’ll pass along the motivated buyers and sellers to your agency so you can work your own magic.

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Free Webinar

Learn our core conversion secrets to find the gold among your Internet leads. After working through our webinar, you’ll know how to convert your leads without any awkward or pushy conversations.

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Ramp Up Coaching Program

This course includes all the essential knowledge, tools, and resources we’ve assembled over the years. By the time you finish, you’ll know exactly how to do what we do.

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