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Meet Josh Cunningham 

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Top 5 Mistakes that Agents
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Our Founder

Josh Cunningham

I founded rokrbox for the purpose of solving the single most common complaint I’ve heard from real estate agents and agency owners. (Hint: It involves following up on those Internet leads that no one has time for.) While rokrbox is based in College Station, Texas, we work with agencies all over the country. Based on our explosive growth to date, there is clearly a strong demand in the industry for qualified personnel to handle Internet leads on behalf of overworked agents.

Within our first six years alone, my team worked more than two million Internet leads. At any given time, we have 40 to 50 callers on staff. Over the years, rokrbox has hired and trained more than 300 inside sales assistants (ISAs), providing needed jobs and invaluable career training to the millennial workforce. And I’m here to show you how to follow my formula for success.

The Beginning

My dad was a computer programmer back when the dotcom revolution was kicking into gear. That was when I first experienced the thrill of the creation of something brand new. Initially, I thought I’d become a programmer too, but when I took some classes, I realized that coding wasn’t right for me. Instead, I realized that entrepreneurship is all about creating new things, so I earned my degree in Entrepreneurial Business Management at Texas A&M University.

And Then

After graduating, I had a number of jobs that were uninspiring and didn’t make use of or grow my strengths or abilities. Then, I finally landed my dream job as a recruiter at a real estate brokerage! Or at least, I thought it was my dream job…

It turned out to be yet another dead-end job, but it did give me the opportunity to travel to industry conferences. While at one conference, I met Frank Klesitz, the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing. We talked shop for a long time and stayed in touch after the conference. I realized that Frank was doing a lot of things that were then cutting-edge, like getting real estate agents to put content on social media. I believe that if you want to know what successful people do, you need to surround yourself with them. So I joined up with Frank at Vyral Marketing and learned the ins and outs of the business. Together, we grew the company to 100-plus clients in just a couple of years.

My Breakthrough

As much as I enjoyed my time at Vyral Marketing and loved that accelerated learning curve that I was on, I still had the entrepreneurial bug. Frank and I spent a lot of time at industry events, and I consistently heard from real estate agents and agency owners that they often found Internet leads more trouble than they were worth. These agents were investing thousands of dollars to generate leads, but they weren’t following up on them. I decided I wanted to create a business to solve that problem.

My initial attempt at solving the problem was in the spring of 2013. I flew out to meet my first client, Spring Bengtzen, and I ended up living in her unfinished basement for two months while I hammered out various models and theories. I finally came up with a solid system for handling Internet leads, and I trained Spring’s employee to follow it. It was a relief to finally develop my breakthrough system (and to fly back home in search of my next client).

But Then

Unfortunately, after I’d barely been home one week, Spring called with a problem. The employee I’d spent so much time training for her had decided that she wanted to go out and get her own real estate license. I realized that simply training an in-house employee for these realtors wasn’t good enough. To be truly successful, realtors need a team of callers.

But it didn’t make economic sense for one realtor to hire a full team of callers. That’s when I realized that a shared economy model was the solution.


I started rokrbox to ensure that every real estate agent can afford to have their own personal team of callers, even if the team isn’t directly in the agency office. With rokrbox, real estate agents can have highly trained and experienced callers handle their Internet leads for them.

But here’s the thing. As rokrbox has grown over the years we have established ourselves as experts in this space. We want to share the knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn. That’s why I’ve added an exclusive course to the rokrbox arsenal, enabling those who are willing to work hard to learn my industry-proven solution.

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What I Believe

  • The only source of job security is a satisfied customer. I learned early on that value creation is integral for business success.

  • You can only earn respect if you proactively demonstrate respect toward everyone.

  • I believe in the three C’s: to act in the best interests of our companies, our coworkers, and our customers.

  • Not everything goes right the first time. Learn from your mistakes and be coachable, and you’ll possess the mindset of a champion.

What Do You Believe?

It sounds so simple at first blush: Call a cold Internet lead and steer them toward your agency’s services. But when you actually pick up the phone, you quickly realize it’s far more complex than that. The ability to conduct positive, productive lead calls is both an art and a science. It requires a bit of authenticity, confidence and a contribution mindset. And if you’ve failed time and time again, you might believe that you’ll never get the hang of it. But you can’t afford to simply let leads slip through your fingers. The truth is that anyone who is willing to put in the hard work can learn how to master the art and science of lead calls. All you need is my Ramp Up Coaching Program.

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Our Programs

No matter where you are in your Real Estate career, we have solutions to help you. Visit our programs page to learn more.

Media & Speaking

Over the years, I’ve been humbled to have had many opportunities to speak at industry events alongside some of the major figures in the industry. I welcome inquiries from interested event organizers about media appearances and speaking opportunities.

Common Topics

  • Internet Lead Management
  • Conversion Secrets
  • The Care and Keeping of a Millennial Workforce
  • Culture Building Techniques in the Workplace

Speaking Appearances