We developed a proven strategy where follow up is instant, persistent and consistent.

Our Strategy

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Top 5 Mistakes that Agents
Make with their Leads

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We believe in delivering instant results to our clients.

Since 74% of conversions come from phone calls, we call leads first within minutes of registration. Our instant connections will skyrocket your conversion rate.


We nurture your leads, making them feel valued and driving them to convert. Within the first two weeks, each lead receives multiple phone calls, texts, and emails, reminding them that an agent is ready to help them buy or sell quickly.


Our personalized follow-up services keep leads on track to convert. With our consistent follow-up, your leads will never feel unwanted or forgotten about. We nurture your leads on a long-term basis, nudging them toward conversion.

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rokrbox Is Your Personal Gold Mining Tool

Miners in the olden days used rocker boxes to separate the worthless junk from the gold. In the real estate business, that worthless junk is your cold, dead-end leads that are never going to convert. But the problem is that those junk leads crowd out your golden leads, and it’s time-consuming to separate them. Enter rokrbox. My team is your modern-day gold mining tool.


The ISAs that make up my team are trained to call Internet leads within minutes of registration—before texting or emailing. Then, we call seven times within the first two weeks, and continue to nurture long-term leads monthly. We’ll filter out the cold leads from the hot ones. This will enable you to drive your conversions up by focusing solely on motivated buyers and sellers.

Worried About Scaring Away Your Agents?

I’ve been to more industry events than I can count, speaking with agents and agency owners from all over the country. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an agency owner say, “But won’t my agents hate having their leads taken away from them?” Here’s the problem with that line of thinking: Agents don’t like cold leads! No real estate agent on Earth has time to make hundreds of phone calls a day. What your Agents want is hot leads ready to convert. More than anything, your Agents want to close deals, and make money without wasting their time. Our solution is so successful that many agency owners use our service as a recruiting tool because they know the value that we bring to their agencies.


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The Human Element

These days, many people see technology in general and AI in particular as the solution to everything. We love technology as much as anyone else, but it can only get you so far. At the end of the day, your leads will need to talk to a real, live human being—not a chatbot or robocaller. At rokrbox, we’re putting the human element back into the real estate industry.

First, we spent years hammering out various models and theories which let us finally crack the code of how to effectively and reliably convert leads. Then, we applied a human-focused solution—training a hardworking team on best practices for lead management and conversions. The result? You get your own personal team of callers, but without having to actually hire anybody or give them a desk.

Agents & Agency Owners: Are You Tired of Dead-End Leads?

We understand your frustration. We’ve seen it time and time again. You buy a bunch of internet leads hoping that they’ll quickly turn into deals for you and your agents. If you’re here, then you’ve already realized how infrequently that happens, and when it does happen it often takes a ton of time that your agents could be spending elsewhere. That’s where we come in. We take your leads, and do the work of sorting between cold leads that won’t ever convert, and the hot leads ready for an agent. Don’t waste your time on dead-end leads.

We can show you how we do what we do, or we can do it for you! Either way, let us help you find the success you’ve always dreamed of.