Take a Look Inside our Monthly Senior Skill-Building Workshop!

by | Sep 22, 2018

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Take A Look Inside One Of Our Monthly Senior Skill-Building Workshops!

Every month rokrbox hosts a Skill-Building Workshop for our Client Care Seniors and Leadership Team! After we fill up on food from our local bar & grill, we begin our 3-hour workshop where we deep dive into skill development.

About a year and a half ago we started these workshops as a way to not only strengthen the culture at rokrbox but to invest in our talented employees. In this video, you will see groups of three role-playing as a homebuyer, a Client Care Representative and a Client Care Senior. (This is where skill-building comes into play). The objective is to improve the coaching abilities of everyone participating in order for them to learn how to be effective and efficient leaders today and in their professional careers!
At rokrbox, we take pride in developing talent and promoting from within our company. It’s a big reason why our callers love their job!