rokrbox TV | Noah St. John (Part 2)

by | Mar 13, 2022

Welcome to this latest episode of rokrbox TV! As always, Josh is joined by a very special guest—but you’ll be surprised to know that most of you will recognize his name. That’s right: we’re proud to welcome back The Father Of Afformations, Noah St. John!

Bestselling author, keynote speaker, and founder of, we’re honored to have The Millionaire Habits Coach back on the show for this exclusive “Part 2” addition to Noah’s interview a couple months ago.

Fasten your seatbelts for this one, because The Mental Health Coach To The Stars is ready to share even more invaluable insights that have made him a hot commodity among Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, 8-figure CEOs, and countless other clients who have managed to earn BILLIONS, all thanks to Noah’s extraordinary coaching.

Josh starts off by saying that so many rokrbox TV viewers reached out after Noah’s last interview, hoping to learn more about his exceptional coaching practices. And guess what, listeners? We heard you! So without further ado, we’re thrilled to welcome back Noah St. John, here to share more of his incredible story, expertise, and secrets to success!

[1:30] Jumping right in, Noah dives into the presentation he kindly prepared for our listeners, taking a moment to touch on his background. “Basically,” Noah says with a bright smile, “my superpower is helping entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, students, retirees—really anybody—make more in just 12 weeks than they’ve made in the past 12 months.”

Obviously, monetary gain isn’t the only thing people are after these days. In today’s fast-paced world, most of us are chasing something else, in addition to financial prosperity: time. And thanks to Noah’s coaching, his clients aren’t just making significantly more money—they’re also gaining 1-3 additional hours a day, and 4-8 weeks a year.

Talk about work-life balance, right?

“So this is not about the hustle, and the grind, and the ‘work until you’re dead’ [attitude],” Noah explains. “It’s actually the opposite of that.”

As for who his renowned teachings are intended to help, Noah continues, the opportunity he offers is meant for those who are tired of the “9 to 5” life—people wanting to escape the rat race.

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Besides that, if…

  • You have a business, but you’re looking for new income streams
  • You’re looking for a side business on a part-time basis
  • You’re a stay-at-home parent or retiree seeking some extra income
  • You’re pursuing an online business lifestyle

…then this is an opportunity for YOU, my friend.

[2:20] In response to the question most of us are probably wondering now, Noah assures listeners that he gets the question all the time: “If this information is so great, why are you sharing it with us? Why not keep it to yourself?”

The answer lies in Noah’s “non-hidden” agenda. “I’m looking for partners right now,” he exclaims, adding that his team is up 300% from last year alone. “I’m looking for people that I can really help to grow, as we grow.”

Referencing the famous Dickens quote—It was the best of times; it was the worst of times—Noah acknowledges that, unfortunately, so many Americans are facing pretty tough times at the moment as we adapt to post-pandemic life.

Even in times of hardship, Noah tells Josh, his family was fortunate enough to purchase a new home a year ago in Northeast Ohio. “Our clients lovingly call it  Success Manor,” Noah jokes. “But there are a lot of companies out there—multi-million, billion-dollar companies—that have gone bankrupt as a result of the pandemic.”

[3:30] Diving into a quick overview of his life, Noah tells viewers that he “grew up poor in a rich neighborhood.” Despite living in one of the wealthiest communities in New England, Noah’s family was “dirt poor”: he spent his childhood in an unfinished house at the end of a dirt road, a home that his parents eventually lost to foreclosure.

Of course, this exposed Noah from a very young age to the “chasm” that looms between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ in our society—and you can guess which side of the chasm Noah’s family was on.

“They call me the nerdiest nerd in the industry, the Sheldon Cooper of self-help,” Noah says, earning a laugh from Josh. “So I did what most nerds do: I went to the library, and started reading every book that I could [about] how to succeed.”

[4:30] Even after steamrolling through every book, every success-related “classic” he could get his hands on, Noah still couldn’t seem to find the answers he needed. Fast-forwarding to 1997, he explains that he had 2 life-changing “epiphanies” that essentially led Noah to discover what was missing from traditional success literature.

The discovery motivated him to start his own business—in a 300 square-foot apartment, he admits with a smile—with nothing to his name except $800 and a book on HTML. But what Noah did have was a “deep, burning to make a difference. To make an impact, [and] to help people.” 

[5:30] One of his earliest mistakes, Noah goes on to say, was spending “a lot of money on a lot of really bad advice.” Ten years later in 2007, Noah was drowning in $40,000 in debt that ultimately forced him to move back in with his parents.

In response to suggestions from friends and family to “get a job,” Noah politely declined to follow their well-intentioned advice. What drove him to continue pursuing his dream was the belief that everything we desire is on the other side of fear.

[6:00] “I knew I was really scared to do something different,” Noah points out, “like we all are, right?” This gave rise to the phrase that Noah is now well-known for: When you find your WHY, you’ll find the way.

 “I made that one decision that changed everything for me,” Noah declares. “I hired my first business coach.” Even though he didn’t have money, Noah confesses, he had something that mattered more: his “Y2,” or his desire to succeed. This was the “WHY” factor that helped him find his way.

[7:00] The result? Noah earned money. He did succeed. His first failed attempt to succeed in a 300 square-foot basement led to him becoming a bestselling author, speaking all around the world, and meeting his lovely wife. “From basement, to bestseller, to Barbados [honeymoon] in just 24 months,” Noah summarizes.

“And that’s because you sought out some experts who have been there, [and] done that,” Josh assumes. “Who could kinda pave the way, and show you what to do.”

Noah agrees, adding that in addition to hiring the right business coach, he also attributes his success to his decision to “stop doing what all those internet marketers and all those guys are saying, and really just getting to where it’s simple. Simple is the ultimate sophistication.”

It’s no secret that Noah has already aided many people—including a number of high-profile figures like Gary Vaynerchuk, John Assaraf, Stephen Covey, Jenny McCarthy, and more—add six, seven, even eight figures to their business. The genuine gravity of Noah’s gratitude towards these endorsements from big names shines through his every word, but he quickly clarifies the greater purpose: what does it mean for you?

[8:00] The answer is simple. “If it works for me,” Noah states, “it can work for you, too.” And you don’t have to take his word for it. Take it from Noah’s past self instead: the guy who went from having $800 to his name, to drowning in $40 thousand in debt, to achieving the life success and financial prosperity that he only knew in his wildest dreams.

If you’ve been struggling, Noah says, this might be the reason. “You’re just on this treadmill, right?” he sympathizes. “Seven-hour courses, gurus…I mean, literally, I spent between $100K to $500K…Losing money always hurts. It sucks. But losing time is far, far worse, isn’t it? Time you can never get back.”

This brings Noah to his next point: he can show you how to do it in the next 90 days or less. The first step? Secret #1, which Noah calls The “Forgotten” Wealth Secret.

[9:20] “It’s actually true that one thing can fix everything for you,” he affirms, and asks listeners if they agree with the statement: Information alone does not create change.

“Absolutely,” Josh answers without hesitation. “You got to take action, you know? I always say, there is no try—you either do, or you don’t. So you got to get out there and take action.”

Agreeing with Josh’s answer, Noah proceeds to illustrate the secret to his coaching: he focuses on why people aren’t taking action. “Why you’re not doing the very thing you know you should be doing,” he explains. “Everyone knows you should take action. But what causes inaction?”

What will not fix this, he says, are things such as “guru-hopping,” “shelf-help” books, online courses, seminars, and countless other money-draining things that are often promoted by those eager to make a quick profit off well-intentioned people.


[11:00] Ironically, Noah adds, working really, really hard is also not the answer. What’s really holding us back, he tells Josh, is the unknown gap that exists between our current perceived reality and our new desired reality—something that psychologists call Cognitive Dissociative Conditioning, which refers to the difference between where we are, and where we want to be.

Joking about the tongue-twister phrase, Noah explains that he coined a simpler term to make the concept more accessible to the average person: head trash, the very subject that his new book, Get Rid of Your Head Trash, is centered on.

“Head trash is really what’s keeping so many of us from reaching our pot of gold,” Noah says, and goes on to specify what head trash isn’t—things like negative thoughts, doubting yourself, a rough childhood, a rough relationship history, and the like.

[12:00] “It’s deeper than that,” Noah confirms. “In other words, it’s NOT your fault.” The reason so many of the things we try don’t work, he continues, is because they are treating the symptoms instead of the causes.

Josh agrees, adding that this isn’t the way to achieve the end result that you’re looking for. “It’s the habit themselves that [are] getting you to the destination.”

Nodding in agreement, Noah relates the same concept to putting a band-aid on someone who is having a heart attack. And the reason his coaching succeeds, he explains, is because he focuses on removing the causes, not the symptoms.

[17:00] “What that means is, you can make more in the next 12 weeks than you did in the last 12 months,” Noah says. He goes on to reveal the Top 10 “Head Trash” items that keep us stuck in life, identifying #1 as the “It’s Not The Right Time” Myth, followed by the “I Need To Think About It” Myth, with the “I Don’t Have The Money” Myth ranking third on the list.

[22:00] Digging into the financial consequences of these head trash myths, Noah reminds listeners that 100% of his clients tell him that their head trash was costing them at least $10,000 a month.

“Again, just do the math,” Noah encourages. “That’s six figures a year! That’s what it’s costing [you] right now. I want you to realize: nobody does this on purpose, right? All of this is in what we call the subconscious level.” He also informs us that the human mind is like an iceberg: only 5% of our brains are “above the ice” at a conscious level, while roughly 95% is below the surface at an unconscious one.

For most of us, this is the perfect metaphor to visualize the point Noah is making. After all, it wasn’t the 5% of the iceberg above the water that sank the Titanic; it was the 95% below the ship.

[23:00] “The great news,” Noah reminds us, “is that when you take out your head trash, it’s not just the money that changes. It’s everything.”

Not only did it take over 20 years for Noah to gain his currently high level of expertise, but it also cost him $500K—half a million dollars wasted on “all those self-help gurus, and all those clowns.”

What this means for us, Noah says, is that we don’t have to go through all the pain, torment, and agony that he did. “Just picture yourself 12 weeks, 12 months from now,” he urges us, “when you have the guidance [and] the processes so you can embrace your unique genius, and really take a quantum leap in your life.”

[26:00] Noah takes a second to share one of his favorite quotes: If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. “It just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?” he says. “If you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to keep getting the same results.”

Noah goes on to address the topic most of us are probably wondering by now: how to take today’s information, and turn it into lasting transformation.

“For those of you here, you have 2 choices when it comes to implementing my 12-Week Rapid Abundance Breakthrough Method,” he explains. Option 1 is to do it yourself, and Option 2 is to do it with Noah walking alongside you, enabling you to accelerate your results much faster—and minimize your valuable time, effort, and stress.

[27:00] For those wanting to know more about what Option 2 entails, Noah breaks things down into 3 Phases. During Phase 1 (Weeks 1-4), he details how he goes into greater detail about The “Forgotten” Wealth Secret. This stage allows you to achieve results that are 10-20 times more effective, “by gaining laser-like clarity on what you can stop doing, and why you’re still doing it.”

Noah also reminds us that, despite the common misconception that we should always be doing more, it’s actually the opposite. “We teach what you can stop doing, and why,” he concludes.


Outlining the last 2 Phases, Noah explains that Weeks 5-8 cover The Rapid Abundance Programming (RAP) Factor, in which he teaches you how to “become unstoppable” by destroying distractions, eliminating excuses, and pulverizing procrastination. The final stage (Weeks 9-12) are dedicated to The Automatic Transformation Method (ATM), in which Noah shows you how to embed effortless habits to experience automatic success.

[28:00] Noah also invites us to take advantage of unlimited lifelong access to his Iconic Power Habits Academy, a resource that maintains an ultra-fast focus on the results we all desire. To put it more simply, this grants you access to Noah’s famous success strategies—legendary techniques with a $2.7 billion-dollar value.

“The point is, I help people make literally billionsof dollars,” Noah concludes—a statement supported by countless testimonials, endorsements, and client success stories from people all over the world, from so many different walks of life.

[31:00] “If all this did was empower you to do more of what you love, and make more money doing it,” Noah adds, “especially right now, with everything going on—wouldn’t that be worth every penny?”

Smiling, Noah adds, “Josh, you know me, and you’ve known me for a while. So you know I like to overdeliver, because I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can thrive, especially in these challenging times.”

The outcome of this mission (which, as we know, his stats and testimonials indubitably support), is his ability to offer you 5 priceless resources that will put you on the right track to take out your head trash, and start living the life you were meant to live.

To put a price tag on these invaluable tools would bring the total up to a whopping $14,701.00, but Noah’s normal rate actually brings that number plummeting down to just $2,500.00.

But hey, if you’re reading this now, you’re in luck—because Noah recently hacked that price down to an all-time low of $997.00. And THAT’S an opportunity many of us can’t afford to miss, especially as we move forward together in the aftermath of a pandemic. For many of us, improving the quality of our lives isn’t a chance we can afford to pass up.

After all, life is too short to waste any more of our finite time.  

For those of you interested in taking that life-changing next step, Noah encourages you to visit the link, and learn how his superior coaching strategies can deliver the life you’ve always dreamed—in just a fraction of the time.

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