rokrbox TV | Andy Kueny On Partnering With His rAMP-UP Coach, Kelsey: “It’s Like A Breath Of Fresh Air”

by | May 20, 2022

On this episode of rokrbox TV, we’re excited to present not one, but two special guests. Josh starts off by welcoming Andy Kueny, an extremely successful Real Estate Broker & Coach in Omaha, Nebraska, before introducing viewers to a member of our very own rokrbox family: Kelsey Chenault, one of the rokrbox Client Care Managers back in College Station, TX.

The reason for bringing these two guests together, Josh explains, is to share even more insight and perspective with our viewers. “We’re working every single day, right behind Kelsey, in our World Headquarters,” he adds, referring to our bustling callers roving in the background of Kelsey’s screen—a sight Kelsey’s clients are surely familiar with by now.

Josh explains that this episode is extra special because it touches on a lesser-known value for rokrbox clients: our rAMP-UP Coaching Program (an acronym for the rokrbox Agent Mastery Program with Unlimited Potential) which is exactly what Kelsey facilitates in her role at the company.

[1:00] “Our coaching program is hyper-focused on just one thing: how to follow up with internet leads,” Josh says. “But along the way, we have the opportunity to work with a lot of the industry’s top influencers, leaders, and coaches—like Andy.”

Like Kelsey, Andy offers a unique perspective as someone who works with teams from coast to coast, helping a variety of real estate professionals grow and scale their operations.

[2:00] Josh gives Andy the floor, inviting him to share a little bit about himself with our listeners. Andy explains that he’s been in real estate for 11 years now. “I started out as an individual agent, like almost everyone else out there,” he says. “Ended up being swept up into Jeff Cohn’s world, got plugged in to a lot of his systems early on.”

But eventually, Andy goes on to say, he realized that he wanted to go on to the next step. “It’s one thing to be able to see the problems, and solve them yourself, but then to be able to teach others how to do so, and be able to help a thousand people—instead of just the fifteen people in your office, right?”

[2:45] This led to Andy’s involvement in Elite Real Estate Systems—a coaching company owned by Jeff Cohn, who singlehandedly built the #1 team in the world at Berkshire Hathaway a few years prior—in 2017. “Just like you and Kelsey have a very specific niche,” Andy tells Josh, “[and just like] you guys are amazing at helping people convert internet leads, we [at Elite Real Estate Systems] help people build successful real estate teams.”

This means that Andy and his team aren’t just working with real estate agents, but are actively work with those who want to build and scale their business—something they’ve been doing for 5 years now, even in the midst of a global pandemic. “We’ve been able to see some really good growth,” Andy exclaims, “and we’ve been able to see that growth whilepartnering with you guys [at rokrbox].”

Andy expresses his belief that everyone reaches a point where they’re “really good” at something—whether it’s closing a certain amount of deals, hitting a certain number in ROI, or the like—and after that, you’re always trying to leverage yourself while working with other people. Reflecting on his first call with Kelsey, Andy recalls, “To hear someone say the things I was thinking, and who already got it…I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is like a breath of fresh air!’”

[3:45] Even with third-party partners, Andy continues, it can feel like you have to train them to get them where you’re at…but that wasn’t the case with Andy and Kelsey’s professional relationship. “From Day 1, I was like, ‘Oh, I get to learn from her. This is exciting,’” Andy laughs.

Andy touches on a point most of us have heard before: if you’re trying to build and grow, you never want to be the smartest person in the room. “The minute I was with Kelsey, I was like, ‘Oh, there’s a comfort level and a confidence to know that I’m totally cool handing people off to [her], because I know she has the same knowledge base [as me].” As long as Andy’s people were willing to put in the work, he states, he had complete confidence that they would be successful—thanks to Kelsey’s coaching.

[4:45] The guys then hand off the microphone to Kelsey. “Take it away,” Josh encourages, inviting her to share her own story behind her start with rokrbox.

Diving in with a big smile, Kelsey tells that she started with the company almost 8 years ago, back when Josh’s company was brand new. As one of rokrbox’s most seasoned veterans, she can even recall showing up for her interview to find a sheet of copy paper taped to the door, the name “rokrbox” scribbled on the page.

After working at rokrbox through her college career, Kelsey originally planned to pursue a path to law school—then an opportunity opened up at rokrbox. “It’s been the absolute best opportunity,” she emphasizes. “I’ve grown so much, learned so much. I never would have imagined that this is where I would be today. It’s been incredibly insightful, and I’ve just gained so much experience—not only [in terms of] the real estate world, but also getting to interact with Andy, and all of their teams.”

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She goes on to say that she and Andy are “likeminded” in understanding and pursuing their shared goal: to move people forward. “It’s made everything so much easier,” she adds. “It runs like a well-oiled machine, right?”

Sometimes when people enter the world of online lead conversion, Kelsey continues, they assume their ISA service of choice is “like a magic pill” that will allow them to sit back, relax, and never worry about anything. Of course, any good real estate professional understands this isn’t the case.

“After being in this business for as many years as we have, you have to have systems in place in order to see the results,” Kelsey stresses. If not, she cautions, you’re essentially throwing money out the window.

[7:00] Agreeing wholeheartedly, Josh touches on the importance of the word “unlimited” in the rAMP-UP acronym, explaining that rokrbox clients have valuable and unlimited access to their very own Client Care Manager. Additionally, the program is designed to be adaptable, allowing it to accommodate real estate teams of all shapes, sizes, learning styles, levels of expertise, and more.

Josh invites Andy to share more details about the processes, procedures, and systems that comprise Elite Real Estate Systems. “We have training every day,” Andy answers, elaborating that their team trains for 5 hours on a daily basis on Monday through Thursday.

“We double down on Thursdays, because nobody wants to go to training on Friday,” he jokes, joining his companions in laughter. Andy’s team undergo a wide variety of training topics, from content to dialogue; they also offer many resources to educate people on the importance of ancillary companies, and equip them to take the next step.

“What I like is that we keep the message consistent,” Andy says. “When the team leader turns around [to] have a meeting with their agent, and they say something—that’s not the first time that agent has heard it, right? It’s a consistent message from us as well.”

[10:30] When it comes to Kelsey’s involvement, Andy praises the value of her interactions with their teams. “I could say something to my agents about lead conversion 172 times,” he laughs. “Kelsey can come in, and say a watered-down version of it…[the agents] are going to be like, ‘Oh, my God, dude, that was the best [nugget] of gold I’ve ever heard!’”

Knowing that Kelsey’s expertise aligns with the same “consistent message” is exactly what gives Andy the comfort and confidence to train and interact with his team on a regular basis.

[12:00] Josh praises Elite Real Estate Systems for implementing training programs that serve as “quite a good foundation” and are ultimately a good structure for success.

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“A lot of times in this business, you wind up solving a problem for yourself,” Josh adds. “You’re seeing how useful and functional it is, and you think, ‘Oh, hey—I bet other people had this problem, too. And that’s what inspired you to start Elite Real Systems 5 years ago,  because you’d built all that for your own organization.”

Nodding, Andy replies that his organization was one of the fastest-growing real estate teams in the country. “We went from 70 to 700 units in six years,” he explains. “We’re big on strategy. If you know the strategy, you can use the technology to conform to how you want to succeed.”

Josh reminds listeners that if you want to be successful, you have to do what successful people do, and surround yourself with successful people. He encourages interested viewers to visit to learn more, schedule a demo, or simply better understand how they work—and why so many real estate professionals have achieved success with the help of Andy and his team.

“There’s also going to be a live event this summer [at The Team Building Summit],” Josh says. “We’ll be travelling up there with Kelsey and other members of our team. I’ll be speaking onstage…Like I said, a lot of this stuff is difficult to create on your own, so being able to rely on someone who’s been there and done that—someone who you can learn from, who can accelerate your learning curve—is always a great idea in the business.”

[15:00] Passing the mic back to Kelsey, she dives into more detail about the rAMP-UP Coaching she facilitates. “It’s not rocket science,” she says. “I literally get on calls just like this with the team leaders, the agents—it really depends on the dynamic and setup of that team. We look at opportunities, we go over best practices…We want to make sure we equip the agents with the tools they need to be successful.”  

Kelsey adds that the coaching isn’t anything “elaborate” or “drawn-out”—it’s just a 30-minute call where she functions as “your eyes and ears, heart and soul” of a team’s online lead conversion. “It’s really just diving in, and ensuring the agents are comfortable on how to follow up with leads,” she explains, “and that they’re actually doing it, right? I’m here to point you in the right direction, and then the team comes in with that accountability structure.”

Thanking Andy and Kelsey for joining him on the show, Josh reminds listeners that the highly-anticipated Team Building Summit will be happening in Omaha, NE on June 1-3. Interested parties can visit to review the details, including a list of speakers who will be presenting at the event. Even better, you can save $100 on YOUR ticket using this link:

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