Catherine Pfeiffer on the rokrbox LIVE Transfer

by | Dec 20, 2019

The rokrbox LIVE TRANSFER service is the “shortcut to success” your team needs! 

“This system that rokrbox has helped us create is going to enable me to help other people too.

Since leveraging rokrbox, Catherine Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer and Stone Realty Group have
produced record results each month, for the past 5 months! Catherine joined our Founder &
CEO, Josh Cunningham, on this 15-minute episode of rokrbox TV to share how our LIVE
TRANSFER feature has contributed to much of her fast growth and success!

“I am getting ready to head out to a closing, and it’s a rokrbox lead!”

The LIVE TRANSFER feature at rokrbox can help you connect with prospects instantly –
cutting follow-up time by 90% and multiplying your commissions exponentially! The process is
simple. Once a motivated buyer registers on your website and answers our phone call, they
are effortlessly handed to you so that you only have to focus on the most important part –
closing the deal!

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