How To Get Your Team Involved Through The Mastermind Process!

by | Jun 30, 2018

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Take A Look Inside One of Our Monthly Masterminds To See How We Take A Group Approach To Business Building

Here at rokrbox, we take pride in making sure everyone on the team has equal input in our company. Every month we focus on creating a setting in which the group is encouraged to share their ideas for improvement so that we are constantly having a consistent flow of innovation within the team. Our Masterminds help us in building a “third mind,” a mind full of collaborative ideas with input from everyone, leading to new thoughts and development.

In this live recording of our last Mastermind, we demonstrate how to incorporate your core values, peer acknowledgment, and recognition. However, most importantly you’ll learn how to take everyone’s ideas, identify the potential solutions, and then roll them out as policy, giving everyone the feeling that what they say matters. If you are looking to increase your team’s production and instill a culture of creativity, take a look inside our Mastermind and learn how this group brainstorming technique helps us!

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