“Meaningful Work”: Josh on Company Culture & Purpose within your Team

by | Sep 22, 2018

How To Build Strong Company Culture & Turn Work Into A Fruitful, Meaningful Career Path

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, was recently interviewed on the Local Domination Podcast with Doren Aldana. In this podcast, Josh covers topics on company culture and how to turn tiring, monotonous work into an exciting, fruitful career.
“It’s important to find meaning in the work that we do, and having a clear purpose positively affects our team, our business, and ourselves.” Doren Aldana
How does meaningful work contribute to outstanding company culture? How does your purpose positively affect the productivity and turnover rate in your business? In this podcast, you will learn how meaning and purpose gives clarity to your team and the work that they do.  
“Everybody loves a pat on their back no matter how old, young, or successful they are.” -Josh Cunningham
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