Hear What rokrbox Clients Have to Say About Jeff Cohn’s Workshop!

by | Jul 8, 2017

Hear What rokrbox Clients Have to Say About Jeff Cohn’s Workshop!

To say Jeff’s workshop was an absolute game changer would be doing it an injustice. We were able to see the entire back end operations of one of the most successful team leaders in the country! That, on top of experiencing the energy and culture of his office, was insane. We were then able to participate in his team’s Monday morning huddle and see first hand the systems he had implemented with his agents. They had an accountability structure in place when they had a small team of 3, and continue to have strong accountability with their team of 30+ agents. In 2011 Jeff’s team sold 69 homes and this year they are projected to sell over 700.
In order to accomplish something you first have to have a goal and a plan in place on how you are going to execute it. Once that is accompanied with an accountability structure to make sure the plan is executed on a daily basis, the true results are seen. Jeff has followed that model to a tee with his results speaking for themselves.
rokrbox clients now have free access to his Flat Rate Expansion coaching program along with a 66% discount for his one day workshop! Watch the video to hear about our experience at the workshop this year and click the link below for more information on how you can make it to the workshop next year!
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