Do You Know What the Most Effective Tool is for Converting Online Leads?

by | Jul 24, 2019

How a Single Phone Call Can Impact Your Potential Clients! 

Did you know? From working over 2,000,000 online leads, we’ve determined the most effective tool for

converting online leads is a good old fashion phone call!
In this quick video, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, breaks down the conversion of each
medium when communicating with potential clients. He also shares the impact that you can make with a
single phone call compared to a text message or email.

“The punchline is…it still requires work.” – Josh Cunningham

Of all the hot opportunities we’ve identified on behalf of our clients, 74% is by a phone call, 25% by a text
message and only 1% by an email. That’s why at rokrbox, we call every new registration up to 10 times
after the initial registration.
How many call attempts are you making with your online leads?

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