Are YOU missing the most important step in your hiring process?

by | May 14, 2019

Are You Missing the Most Important Step In Your Hiring Process?

In this 5-minute clip of our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham’s, presentation, “How to Build A Culture that
Drives Success”, Josh shares the hiring challenges he faced when building his business and the solution he
found to create a winning culture.

The Problem? Candidates did not have clear expectations.
The Solution: An Observation

“If you want to run highly productive organizations, bring them in and show exactly what it is that you do.”
– Josh Cunningham

The last but most important step in our hiring process is the observation. After the initial interview, we invite the
candidate back where we pair the candidate up with a senior representative. They watch the senior rep work for
a whole hour, asking any and all the questions they want; the interviewee becomes the interviewer.
At this point, they have a very clear explanation of what is expected. After the observation, we ask the candidate
to write us an email telling us how well they would be a culture fit within our organization.
This then becomes them selling us.

“I want to challenge them on day one! This is exactly what the work looks like, are you capable of doing this? Are
you excited about this? Do you feel challenged in this role?” – Josh Cunningham

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