6 Years of rokrbox Success with Our Original Client, Spring Bengtzen!

by | Jul 3, 2019

Celebrating SIX YEARS of success with Spring Bengtzen, our original rokrbox client!

Happy Birthday to us! Six years ago, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, started rokrbox with the help of our original client, Spring Bengtzen of Ogden, Utah!
In this special episode of rokrbox tv, Spring shares her journey to massive success and the challenges she faced along the way. You will learn how rokrbox became a game changer for her after she experienced 38% growth in the first year working with us! Today, six years later, Spring has more than tripled her business.

“Hands down the conversion ratio is so much higher with using rokrbox.”- Spring Bengtzen

Watch the 45-minute rokrbox TV  episode or “skip the line” with the timestamps below!
[2:40] The story of rokrbox: How a part-time project turned it a full-fledged business
[10:40] Does rokrbox work? – Spring shares her ROI with internet leads (Hint: It’s above 400%!)
[16:40] The reason why people fail with internet leads: The challenges Spring faced before rokrbox
[18:30] Evaluating performance: Spring shows us how tools like Sisu, help her agents be successful
[28:30] Holding your agents accountable: Why Spring’s agents have a better appreciation for the work they do
[36:20] Creating a productive team: Spring’s winning system on how she grew and scaled her business

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