rocker box – a prospecting tool used in the 19th century for separating gold from sand and gravel
rokrbox – a professional real estate system used in the 21st century for identifying serious buyers and sellers from internet leads

How it Works

Our team of U.S.-based callers is available 80 hours per week, 7 days per week so that when

a lead registers at your BoomTown! site, the rokrbox lead conversion process begins


Leads are called immediately upon registration to welcome them to your site and determine their needs and motivation

Instant – Call Within 5 Minutes


Up to 10 phone calls, 4 text messages and 4 emails performed during the first 21 days after registration

Persistent – 10 Calls 4 Texts 4 Emails


Consistent and personalized follow-up with leads more than 90 days from purchasing

Consistent – Long term Lead Follow Up


Leads buying in less than 90 days are introduced to your Agents to cultivate a relationship and make recommendations

Introduce to Agent


Immediate buyers are assigned to your Agents to schedule a consultation

Assign Agent


Your clients’ real estate dreams become a reality

What is rAMPUP?

rAMP UP is the rokrbox Agent Mastery Program for Unlimited Potential

This 30 minute monthly Agent development program gives your team advanced techniques for lead cultivation and conversion plus extra insight into the opportunities we identify on your behalf

Get Started with rAMP UP Today!

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200 NEW Registrations per month

$2,000 / mo


300 NEW Registrations per month

$2,500 / mo


400 NEW Registrations per month

$3,000 / mo


500 NEW Registrations per month

$3,500 / mo

Sign Up now to pay your one-time Setup Fee of $2500 and secure your launch date. Everything else is included in our flat monthly rate.

Refund Policy

What our customer say about us

“rokrbox has helped mine leads that we turned into closings. They have been much more consistent in phone calling new registration leads within the first 5 minutes than our small team could ever do on our own”

Andrew Ford - Orem, UT
Andrew Ford - Orem, UT

“If you don’t have rokrbox handling BoomTown for you, I think you’re throwing money out the window.  I would have thrown away $65,000 if I didn’t have rokrbox”

Lesley Thomas - Oklahoma City, OK
Lesley Thomas - Oklahoma City, OK

“We don’t want to waste any of these leads that come through and we want to maximize our profits, so rokrbox really helps a lot.”

Tom Daves - Roseville, CA
Tom Daves - Roseville, CA

“It’s been a huge game changer for me…
our conversion ratio has gone through the roof”

Spring Bengtzen - Ogden, UT
Spring Bengtzen - Ogden, UT

“They know the system of BoomTown. These are the perfect people to delegate ISA work, that’s for sure”

Will Carillo - Cupertino, CA
Will Carillo - Cupertino, CA

“Get on it! What are you waiting for? Do you really want to spend your time training and coaching ISA’s and dealing with the employment issues or do you want to be in the field shoulder to shoulder with your agents conducting appointments and closing deals?”

Marissa Boyle - Charlotte, NC
Marissa Boyle - Charlotte, NC


707 Texas Avenue South #100-D, College Station, TX 77840

(979) 485-2842