Brooke’s Story


An Email from Brooke about life after Rokrbox:

“Hi Josh,

…I just wanted to reach out and let you know how thankful I am that I had the opporunity to work at Rokrbox while in college. It provided me with the experience that I never would’ve been able to have otherwise. The sales experience I have because of rocker box allowed me to skip a position when interviewing for my company. My bosses exact words were:

‘I would have thought you graduated five years earlier by looking at your résumé.

What’s even more important than experience is the confidence and work ethic that rocker box helped grow in me. The culture of recognition, encouragement, and family is something that I will always seek out in my future career. I’m so happy that you guys care about building valuable skills in college students, seeing their value, and allowing them massive responsibilities…. Brooke”